Calico Hills Kitty Lodge Testimonials

"Well we asked the Kitty's what they thought of Calico Hills Kitty Lodge and all we got was purring, so you'll have to trust what their people say."


"My cat didn't want to leave when I came to pick him up, he was having too much fun playing." Donna


"When we go away, I tell Jenny she is going on vacation, too!  She's 22, and after many years of living with 3 other cats, she's now the only one. Although she complains about getting in the car, I'm sure that she enjoy seeing her friends - both cats and people - at Calico Hills.  Meanwhile, we know that she is in expert care - and being loved and pampered for us!  Our first thought when we plan a vacation is whether (Calico Hills) has room for Jenny. Thanks Kelly, and everyone at Calico Hills, for taking such good care of her. " Mary


"I think Calico Hills is fabulous;  And would never consider taking Marcus any where else." Susan

"Our family has been bringing our cat Raz to the Calico Hills Kitty Lodge for many years. It is a safe and meticulous facility to leave your cat. Every time I leave Raz I still can't believe how clean it is. There is so much for the cats to do there. There is much more to do there than at home. We never worry about Raz when we leave him at Calico Hills. We know he is in good hands. It is the best. "  Beverly

"Thank you once again for taking care of Nika and Guenther while we were away.I feel good when I leave Nika and Guenther with you as they settle right in.  They are together, have their window, they are medicated properly, and they are safe and well cared for.  When we pick them up they are brushed, their condo is clean and they are not that keen on coming home.  The stress level for them is zero.  We know they get a lot of one-on-one time from the stories we hear when we pick them up.  You have their personalities pegged right down to the details!"  Robin and Dick